Contract Terms


The following is a list of work to be included with your landscape, forest and nursery damage claim assistance:

  • We will assist in producing a Damage Claim for the named property.
  • We will evaluate landscape and land improvement items on site, assess damages, specify remedial/restoration work, produce and defend Loss Values for landscape and land improvement items.
  • Site Inspection of all landscape plants on property named within the maintenance responsibilities of Client to determine levels of damage or destruction.
  • We will conduct a 100% inventory of the landscape.
  • Produce Location Maps of landscape items based on near survey-accurate GPS records taken during evaluation site visits, with numbered landscape item locations shown on aerial photos of property.
  • Determination and costs for all permitting, Site Plan, and As Built Plans of record issues related to restoration included in Damage Claim.
  • Written Expert Reports to provide opinions, appraised values, and other requested information will be presented to Client at draft form in a review meeting.


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